Coaching Services
of Bluewhale

Every company is navigating its own unique digital transformation and skills gap. Our implementation consultants work with you to design the best training program for your team and company.

How we work with you


Bluewhale expert training program begins with a Assessment, the essential first step in learning about a company's specific training issues, challenges and goals. The process includes interviews and testing of employees, after ISA gains a deeper understanding of a company's goals and employees' current skills levels, to develop a master plan, or roadmap, to help close the gaps. Using the roadmap as a guide, Then Bluewhale works with our subject matter experts, our partners, and our resources to create a custom program to meet the company's identified needs and requirements.


Once skills/knowledge levels are assessed, Bluwhale can recommend targeted, individual working plans and work with customers to schedule training for employees with as little interruption to operations as possible. Where needed, Bluewhale instructors can work with your leadership to develop tom courses to meet your team's exact goals and circumstances. And our team enables more one-on-one interaction, and a more-focused learning environment.


Before and after employees attend Bluewhale training courses, we test their knowledge levels. We use the pre-test to determine their baseline understanding and competency, and highlight areas needing the most improvement. Testing also encourages valuable feedback that can benefit continuous program improvement. In addition to testing on knowledge and skills learned during the individualized learning plans.

Our Trainings

Online Training

Offering online live interactive training programs to the professionals and freshers across the globe.

Onsite Training

Building proficient teams for multi national companies with corporate trainings.


Project level training & handling to transform your organization scale with live project involment.

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